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Our Staff

Pastor Chuck Sabaka was led to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ by his father on October 3, 1963. He surrendered to the call to pastor in 2011. He received a Bachelor’s degree from Malone College (University) in Religion in 1977, and a Master’s degree in Counseling from Walsh College (University) in 1986. He recently retired as a counselor in private practice, after 46 years in the field.
Pastor Chuck has been teaching God’s word to children and adults for over 30 years and has pastored for the past 13 years. He is married to his wife, Sandy, and has two adult children, Jenny and Emily.

Pastor Chuck Sabaka and Sandy
Associate Pastor Matt Hamm and wife Autumn, son Marshall and daughter Harper

Matt Hamm
(Autumn, Marshall, Harper)

Associate Pastor

Hey, Pastor Matt here! I am so grateful that God has allowed me and my family to serve here at Calvary Bible Baptist Church.

I am so glad that you are interested in our church. I believe that God has a specific plan for you and God has uniquely created you to fulfill this plan and purpose.

Maybe you know exactly what that purpose is, maybe you have been avoiding it, or maybe you are searching to find out God's purpose for you...

We want to help you find your purpose and help you fulfill God's will for you life.

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